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Personal Paint 7.3c OS3 Amiga CD (PPaint)


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Personal Paint 7.3c OS3 Amiga CD (PPaint)
Personal Paint Classic is a completely reworked update of the venerable palette mapped bitmap graphics painting and image processing program originally developed by Cloanto for the Classic AmigaOS. The new 68k version, which include a whole host of new features, works under AmigaOS, AmigaOS4.1 and emulation under Amiga Forever and WinUAE.
Includes all of the main features of the new PPC version:-
* Works with the classic systems: OS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.9
* Works under emulation under WinUAE and distributions such as AmigaSYS  
* Supports AmigaOS screen dragging

* Smoother interaction with the OS4 screen dragging system

* True colour animation frame thumbs in the story board window

* High resolution gadget imagery and thin borders style GUI option for a more modern look

* New polygon mode added to grab brush tool

* 9 new built in brush shapes

* 100 new Custom Brushes

* Pressure sensitive drawing

* Dithered transparency

* New Airbrush Linemode

* Extended paint functionality with image processing tool
Minimum: AmigaOS 3, Classic emulation under WinUAE

Recommended: AmigaSYS, AmigaOS 3.9

Supports either ECS, AGA or RTG graphics card.
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